Our company

Perkan was established by Pierre Bergeron to help railroad companies reduce their operating costs.

For more than 30 years now, Pierre has been working with the largest railroad companies in North America.

Throughout these years, Pierre Bergeron has built a strong expertise in the management and the execution of emergency work after a derailment. He also developed swift and efficient work techniques to salvage the merchandise on the disaster site.

Pierre is assisted by William « Willie » Marcotte who has more than 30 years experience with the railroad industry of which 16 as supervisor of derailments for Canadian National Railway. He has worked across Canada and was General Manager for P.D.S. in the USA for a period of 2 years.

Willie answers request for quotes and supervises the majority of the work.

Perkan also works in partnership with other suppliers that are both competent and reliable to offer you a service without break or fail.

Perkan has insurances and warranties and conforms to all rules and regulations that apply in North America.

All of our employees hold your interest and those of your customers at heart as your satisfaction is their best guarantee of work.

They are covered by the Canadian Code of Work and Perkan respects diligent the code. Health and Safety are also at the core of our priorities.

Contact us for more information on our rates to allow you to better compare.