Our equipment

Perkan owns a wide range of specialized equipment adapted to rail needs.

110-ton mobile crane

Equipped for thaw out period
Equipped with a 27 feet extension

125-ton mobile crane

Equipped for thaw out period

550 Hitachi Mechanical shovel

Bucket with quick attach to lift rail cars
Thumb to pick-up

583H Bulldozer 583H with boom, blade and winch


583H Bulldozer 583H with blade and winch


Allis 60-ton Bulldozer with winch

Pipe-layer with rubber pads

Western Star truck

48 feet flat bed with 4 axles
Drop-deck trailer with 3 axles

20 feet Platform truck with 10 ton capacity knuckle boom loader (barko 130) (Clamp truck)

Air breaks equipped same as track mobile
Attachment to pull rail cars
Bucket to load / unload concentrated and metal debris
Can add 2, 20 feet hi-rail flat bed equipped with air breaks.

Designed to transport rails, ties, and environment equipment such as pumps, fuel tank, etc.

JCB 215S Backhoe loader

Snow bucket
Hydraulic bucket
Small and large rear bucket to dig

456 JCB Wheel Loader

Snow bucket
Stone bucket
8 feet forks
Forks to load/unload wood bundles
Forks to install/remove rail ties with clamp

Fork-lift truck with jaws to handle paper rolls

Jaws open up to 61 inches
Paper pulp clamp
Paper roll clamp

8,000 pounds Fork-lift

Service trucks

Tools trailers

Welding machine
Cutting/heating torches
Equipment to repair rail cars