Derailment emergency work

A derailment is never good news and at Perkan we understand this.

That is why we are proud to respond promptly and efficiently to your emergencies.

Une entreprise de choix

A trusted company

Whether be for one or many cars that have derailed, Perkan can be trusted with all emergency work related to a derailment.

Une entreprise de choix

All-inclusive service

Our all-inclusive service gives you all the peace of mind you want; from putting an engine and its cars back on track, through cleaning, repairing or even dismantling rail cars and all the way to site clean-up, we do it all at Perkan.

At Perkan, we have the know-how.

Une entreprise de choix

We're on our way!

We are eager to fulfill our engagement with you in a professional way so that you can be back on track as soon as possible.